Installation Requirements Of Hydraulic Winch

The use volume of the hydraulic winch is not very large, but the use accuracy is high, so the installation requirements of the equipment are also more important, because if you do not pay attention to it, it is likely that the equipment will not be able to run, or the accessories will be damaged, which will lead to the failure of the overall equipment, so that it can not be used.

1. First of all, before installation, make sure that the motor of the hydraulic winch is in good condition, and also check whether the size of each part of the hydraulic winch matches.

2. Then put the screw on the dust-proof hole on the outside of the hydraulic winch, adjust the system clamping ring to make the side hole align with the dust-proof hole, and then insert the inner hexagon to tighten.

3. The next step is to connect the motor with the hydraulic winch. The manufacturer of planetary hydraulic winch reminds us to ensure that the concentricity of the output shaft of the hydraulic winch is consistent with that of the motor input shaft when connecting the hydraulic winch. If the concentricity is not consistent, the gear wear of the hydraulic winch will be caused, which will affect the use of the hydraulic winch.

In short, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the hydraulic winch, it is necessary to find professional technical personnel to install the equipment according to the specified operation requirements, so as to meet the installation requirements of the equipment, avoid accidents, effectively improve the use efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life.


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