Correct Use Of Hydraulic Winch

As we all know, the hydraulic winch has the characteristics of high versatility and small volume, so it is convenient to use and is favored by many enterprises. At the same time, when using the equipment, in order to ensure the use efficiency, we also need to operate the hydraulic winch according to the correct use requirements.

1. If it is a time to use the hydraulic winch, pay attention to see whether the equipment has been filled with oil, and there is air in the equipment, so the air should be discharged first.

2. In the usual use of hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch manufacturers recommend that you clean the equipment once a month, which is also good for the machine.

3. When using the equipment, if the weather is bad, some measures should be taken to prevent the bad weather from affecting the equipment.

Because, only in strict accordance with the use of hydraulic winch operation, in order to better ensure the long-term use of equipment and performance play, and in order to avoid equipment damage, must do a good job in regular maintenance.

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