Reason And Treatment Of Hydraulic Motor Speed Drop

The starting torque of the hydraulic winch is large. There are different flow distributors according to the working conditions, and the overall structure can also meet the requirements of use. The manufacturer of the hydraulic winch summarizes the reasons for the decrease of the speed of the hydraulic motor and the treatment methods. Welcome to check.


1, pump damage, pump body overheating and produce dry sound.

2. The control valve is closed or the oil supply and return system is not smooth, and local overheating.

3. Excessive leakage of hydraulic motor, leakage of single drain pipe is too large, and oil level is high.

4. The valve chamber is hot due to excessive leakage of the valve, and it is very hot to touch by hand.

Treatment: 1, hydraulic winch manufacturers to enhance everyone, first check the oil viscosity and working temperature.

2. Check the sealing condition of cylinder block piston.

3. Check the condition of the spherical surface.

4. Check the condition between the connecting rod and the surface of the eccentric wheel and the sealing condition of the valve.

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