Throttle Valve Of Hydraulic Winch

The winch can be used to lift the rated load of the winch or hydraulic winch, which can be widely used in the industry.

For the application of throttle valve, we can try to choose different types of throttle valve, add a throttle valve, adjust the position of throttle valve and other methods to improve the performance of the hydraulic system and make the system meet the working requirements. Hydraulic winch manufacturers tell you that, from the perspective of adjustment mode, throttle valve can be divided into manual control flow valve and electric control flow width. Manual control flow valve is the basic form of throttle valve, and it is also the form of throttle valve when it was born. With the development of hydraulic winch technology, its performance in all aspects has been greatly improved, and the structural form tends to be diversified development.

The main product of electric control flow valve is electro-hydraulic proportional throttle valve. Many structures of electro-hydraulic ratio throttle valve are transformed by integrating electronic control proportional regulating mechanism on the basis of manual regulating flow valve structure. According to function and purpose, throttle valve can be divided into one-way throttle valve, two-way throttle valve, multi-channel throttle valve, speed control valve, etc.

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