Operating Rules Of Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winch belongs to small lifting equipment. Winch can not only be used alone, but also be used as component parts. There are many ways to use it. The following is about the use rules of hydraulic winch. Please pay attention.

1. When using the hydraulic winch, the winch should be set according to the requirements of the specification and determined along the empty conveying roadway, but the setting should not affect the safe operation of the hydraulic winch.

2. When hydraulic winch is used, it is recommended to use air pick for excavation, and wood shed or i-shed should be used according to different support types of roadway, and the roof should be supported by scaffolding support.

3. When the hydraulic winch adopts the shed support, it should be carried out gradually from the outside to the inside, and the shed and the shed should also be connected by bracing or pull rod as a whole, and the shed distance should not exceed 0.7m.

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